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Writing the Future

How do we write the narratives for the timeframe in which we live? How do we balance between spectacle and a reasonable portrayal of facts? How do we flavor our ideas with enough enticement without inflation? When is a work of art original, or are all ideas open to interpretation?


Humanity+ San Francisco 2012: Writing the Future — talk abstracts

The conference will explore the world of media and communicating transhumanism. The aim is to encourage refined communication about the future in creative ways, and thereby promote serious attention to the opportunities and risks we are facing. Speakers and attendees will discuss topics such as: What are we working on? How are we going about doing it? What have we learned?

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Transhumanist Avatars Storm Second Life

More than 80 transhumanist avatars stormed the virtual world of Second Life for a community event organized by Humanity+ on September 15. This has been by far the largest virtual transhumanist event that I have seen, and I believe I have seen them all. Two or three years ago the Second Life system would have been slowed down to a halt by 80 participants, but now everything worked without a glitch: virtual reality technology has evolved, and transhumanists want to bring the same fast evolution to RL (Second Life slang for “Real Life.”)

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