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Robot see, Robot Do

It’s not just the Japanese and Americans who are building humanoid robots. An ambitious coalition of researchers from German, French, and Italian universities and research labs recently met in Berlin to tackle the problem of how bots can autonomously learn and develop motor skills in open-ended environments.


Sims of the Flesh

It’s July, 2039 — and if you thought the Nineties and Oughts saw America at its most confused, socially-disconnected, and cruisin’-for-an-evolutionary-bruisin’, just wait until you get a load of what author Robert Venditti has in store for you per the projected timeline of The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone.


Freedom Fighter Gunboy v. Godzilla

The fifty-four-foot-high Transformer-like mecha — replicated right down to its double-nozzle jet pack — sits as the centerpiece of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project.


Open Source Robotics Looks Better Than Ever

Where’s C3PO when we need him? Compared to many other aspects of advanced technology — even compared to AI software technology, which isn’t exactly zooming along — humanoid robotics seems to be advancing at a snail’s pace.