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Membership Type

Full Membership

Dues for Full Memberships are just $60 per year for people in the developed countries, and only half of that ($30 per year) for students and people in developing countries. Joining as a Full Member allows you to participate in all Humanity+ Board elections and other organization-wide votes.

Plus Membership

With Plus Membership, you will only pay half (50%) of the registration fee for all Humanity+ conferences. This program is just $360 per year, and $276 per year for students and people in developing countries.

Sponsor Membership

Sponsor Membership is $1,000 per year – entitles you to all the benefits of Plus Membership. In addition, Sponsor members can elect to be featured in the Humanity+ Newsletter, are invited to special gatherings at Humanity+ conferences, and will receive as a membership premium a featured transhumanist book of their choice. If you are a Sponsor Member and interested in these benefits, please contact us at membership@humanityplus.org. This level of membership will support us the most and will give you a great opportunity to get highly involved in our organization!

Humanity+ (Humanity Plus, Inc.) is incorporated in the United States as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and donations are tax-deductible for US citizens.

“Emerging and speculative technologies change the way we live. Over the past 60 years, we have witnessed a closer approximation of the human and machine. Over the last 20 years, we have experienced the transhumanist culture—one that fosters a highly innovative inquiry into what sort of people we are becoming. Transhumanism is a worldview that seeks solutions to problems and dares to explore how we can build better bodies, back up our brains, radically extend life, and explore the unknown. This exploration requires critical thinking and creative insight. Join Humanity+ to learn, meet people, and participate in projects and link to other groups. Welcome!” – Natasha Vita-More, Chair, Humanity+

” … to whet your radical-futurist appetite a bit, here are just a few of the many exciting things to expect at Humanity+ …” – Ben Goertzel, Vice Chair, Humanity+

“Find intellectual enhancement-seek novelty, challenge yourself, think creatively, do things the hard way, networking @ Humanity+!” – Amy Li, Humanity+

“Ensure that everyone has adequate food, water, clothing, shelter, love, health care, security, justice, access to information, and resources for personal development. To accomplish this will require greater emphasis on technology development, especially nanotechnology, reduced emphasis on national sovereignty, and a more empowered global human development organization. – Martine Rothblatt, Advisor, Humanity+

“It is a real pleasure to work with Humanity+. It is my pleasure to keep promoting transhumanist ideas and people towards a better world. Jose Cordeiro, Advisor, Humanity+

Joining Humanity+ as a Full, Plus or Sponsor Member enables you to participate in Humanity+ governance and decision-making, which will give an important opportunity to play a role in the growing transhumanist movement. It also, of course, gives you the opportunity to support us in the work we do as an organization! We have several types of membership available. And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!


Humanity+ Contact information: If you have any questions about Humanity+, please email us at info@humanityplus.org.

Mailing Address:
Humanity+, Inc.
5042 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 14334
Los Angeles, California 90036

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