Submission Guidelines

What Kind of Articles Are we Interested in?

What does it mean to be human in a technologically enhanced world? We’re looking for articles covering advances in all areas of technology, the ethical use of such advances. We are also looking for articles about the leaders who are helping to build opportunities for a positive future. All other areas of transhumanism and related topics are welcome. Areas of interest include: space exploration, life extension, artificial intelligence, cryopreservation, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, biotechnology, biohacking, mind uploading, philosophy, humanities and the arts of virtual reality, augmented reality and new environments yet to be explored.

We’re interested in news, interviews, research articles, conference round-ups, anything that supports the use of technology to improve humanity. If you’re interested in submitting an article, make sure you read a few of the articles we’ve already published to get a feel for what we’re after.

Basic Formatting Guidelines

Word count: We take articles from anywhere from 100-10,000 words.

Language: English

Font: A sans-serif font like Arial

Font size: 12 point font

Spacing: Double spaced

Reference style: For more academic articles, where references are appropriate, Reference style should be APA. For more information on APA referencing style, see

File format: docx for physical files, or a link to a Google Doc.


We encourage the appropriate use of subheadings to make your article easier to read.


If you want to include images in the file, that’s fine. Add them in the article where they make sense. If we publish, we might not place images in the same location, but it gives us a good idea of where they should fit in your articles.