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MIND and MAN: Getting Mental with Giulio Prisco

Understanding the mind is a long-awaited project.  After centuries of scientific and philosophical investigation, debate and analysis, the human mind is still an enigma.  The idealists continue to argue one theory and the scientific realists argue another.  (Not to mention radical constructivists arousing critical realists and visa-versa, although both seem to be problematic.) Nevertheless, the bottom line is that most people simply want to protect their brains and keep their minds awake. While it seems evident that we will continue to wrestle with what the mind is, we better get on with the business of prolonging its lifespan and preserving its processes.

This is an interview with Giulio Prisco — a pioneer of the Metaverse and a producer of virtual events.  These events engage a broad transdisciplinary culture that revels in scientific explorations, technological innovations, and cosmological expressions of humanness.  Giulio is a physicist, computer scientist, and former senior manager of the European space administration.  According to Wikipedia: “Currently based in Italy, he runs the consulting company Metafuturing and contributes to the science and technology online magazine Tendencias21.  He writes and speaks on a wide range of topics, including science, information technology, emerging technologies, virtual worlds, space exploration and futurology.  Prisco’s ideas on virtual realities, technological immortality, mind uploading, and new scientific religions are extensively featured in the OUP book Apocalyptic AI: Visions of Heaven in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality."

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