• Yeah, since even the most harmless uses of a nuclear reaction could potentially be very dangerous, it makes sense to monitor such things closely. The same cannot be said of AI. Medicine is maybe a better example of how such a predicament might be handled; some of it is behind lock and key and some just sits on the shelf for anybody to grab. The…[Read more]

  • You’re basing all of this off of a misunderstood premise. Musk isn’t comparing a single result of a certain technology to the whole of another technology. However, that is what you’re doing and it doesn’t make sense. Instead he’s comparing one result of nuclear power research to one or more potential results of artificial intelligence research.…[Read more]

  • It’s an interesting topic of conversation for sure and your article provides many insights. There are very good potential outcomes and very bad potential outcomes. The key word being potential, which Musk uses. You seem to be responding to an imaginary scenario where Musk tweeted something like “AI is more dangerous than nukes”. Unless I’m missing…[Read more]