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  • Peter started the topic Introduce Yourself in the forum Group logo of H+ Connect MembersH+ Connect Members 7 years, 9 months ago

    Tell the world about yourself. How did you get interested in transhumanism? Where did you first learn about it?

    Share a short description of your background, interests, and objectives.

    • I’ve been interested in the improvement of humanity for a long time now and life/healthspan extension in particular. I feel it’s a terrible tragedy and waste that people spend so many years trying to become a strong person and then wind up dying, able to contribute far less than they otherwise would have. I think we can do better than that and must do better than that so I want to help make a difference in that regard. While I am not a scientist I do run a music nonprofit and am also good at public speaking and interpersonal related skills. I am hoping to be able to help organize people in my area and grow outwards from there be it via my own music, my writing skills, or social skills. I believe it is critical to bring people around to the worth of this cause as many seem to not understand or believe what is possible. Hopefully I can meet other people here that can help direct me in that regard.