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    People who deny that AGI is an existential threat. To be clear, I am not arguing that AGI will definitely harm us – rather that it could, and that we should devote considerably more resources than we are doing to making sure that it does not.

    • AI developers have everything to gain from safe and secure artificial intelligences and should support research and development of secure environments and security technologies. They only benefit from clearly demonstrated safety and security, as this will lead to customer confidence in their products. I’m not sure why anyone would oppose the idea…[Read more]

  • I suspect that Hawking’s view isn’t actually very different from yours, Ben. You both think that AGI could be wonderful, or it could be disastrous: we just don’t know yet. Hawking, Musk and Bostrom are, in part, reacting against the blinkered optimism about AGI which is peddled by some (not you), and the blanket scepticism about the approach of…[Read more]

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