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Why treat gene editing differently in two types of human cells?

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    At the conclusion of the recent International Summit on Human Gene Editing in Washington, DC, its organizing committee released a much-anticipated statement recommending how human genetic engineering should be regulated.

    [See the full post at: Why treat gene editing differently in two types of human cells?]


    > “But it seems unlikely that the overall risk profile would have changed significantly if the treatment would have also have affected the baby’s future children.”

    The short term risk of the immediate patient is just a small part of what should be considered here. The unforeseen consequences to human germline in general is the real concern.

    > In this sort of case, there would be at least a decade and a half gap between when a modification occurs and the point at which the affected individual may begin to bear children.

    Wow. Good luck following thousands of people around and getting them back to the lab before they have unprotected sex. And then stalking and taking those, quite possibly accidental (you were surveilling them at all times, right?), children as well. Moreover, and this was mentioned at the summit btw, what if they wanna opt out of being monitored 24/7? Will any judge deny the privacy of a children whose parents gave it up (for it’s own good of course), before they were born, much less old enough to choose to opt in?

    > That’s ample time to detect abnormalities and develop mitigation strategies, including further corrective germline modification

    Really? And who’s gonna pay for all that work? Once that Pandora’s box is open there is no going back. I’m all for research but, specially before it is perfected, those things have a tendency to leak out of the lab in a heartbeat. I was actually quite surprised some speakers made me think twice from my ‘full speed ahead’ mindset.

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