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Video Friday: Transhumanism and Christianity – N.T. Wright, Peter Thiel, and Ross Douthat

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    New testament scholar and retired bishop N.T. Wright, billionaire Peter Thiel, and moderator Ross Douthat share a discussion of hope, technology, politics, and theology at the Veritas Forum.

    [See the full post at: Video Friday: Transhumanism and Christianity – N.T. Wright, Peter Thiel, and Ross Douthat]


    “what is the hope for humanity” I cannot see that either, what goes by the name of ‘Christianity’ nor the presumed ‘promise’ of Technology are any place to place to secure ones hope for the future at all! Christianity was supposed to be founded upon a Promise of the incarnation. That promise, never realized in the two thousand years of institutional tradition, was for a ideal of moral progress that history has yet to find or realize. Thus there is no apparent progress to the historical drift of our species that can be attributed to the all too human, and thus fallible, theological construct of ‘Christianity’ which presumes to have understood the mind of God. This tradition is a failed moral and spiritual paradigm, founded upon an idea of natural law and the nature and potential of our species that continues to be demonstrably false.

    Technology offers another vague ‘promise’ on the nature of the future of our species. Most of this promise is based upon the expectation of an AI singularity, which presumes that advances in AI will allow our species to surpass the self evident ethical limitations of human nature and existing knowledge base as we currently understand it. This is a particularly grant presumption, an intellectual pretension on par with the claims of understanding God, both which are unable to demonstrate such insight or ability.

    Any promise undelivered is no promise at all and at worst a cultural fraud. An empty tradition long past its sell by date. The illusion of technology is the premise that it is able to create a reality it has itself yet to understand or comprehend. The only idea that remains valid and true is the without radical cultural and individual change, our species may soon find itself looking down into the abyss, both theological and technological, with no place to go. So the only question is: what else is there with the authority able to effect the necessary changes to save both our planet and ourselves???

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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