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Physicist Lawrence Krauss: God is a byproduct of your hard-wired narcissism

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    Adam Ford

    t the Melbourne skeptic’s meeting in Australia last month, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss was asked whether spiritual experiences could ever be
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    Oh coincidence scientist. For a moment you almost had me hooked enough to answer with a positive but now you are using coincidence as a factor?
    For one thing I can almost wager you that if you ask any scientist who has had great tremendous breakthroughs or even any lesser that they have not either come across an answer from a series of in incidental occurrences or even one mighty one that brought the question to begin with with.
    I know Tesla has more often then not and have no doubt that if questioned you will find others.
    When you hear the words ‘it just so hPpened’ from a man of thought, you listen or know to wait.
    I have a question
    How many coincidences of their own experiences do scientists need before they decides to turn the lightbulb on?
    Speaking of Tesla, well you will find your answers there.
    Spiritual when combined with physical evidence needs no evidence of God
    Spiritual combined with physical also is the time that scientists began to search the how of the matter.
    Magnetospheres ionosphere
    Brain activity
    I have lost you here as to what it is that I am talking about. I will say only that the physical evidence to my own experience have been completely forgotten all though she remembered it a year after it occurred and we joked and laughed about and discussed it, she had forgotten the next time I brought it up to her. She and my husband both had forgotten.
    I do have one good Facebook entertainment exchange with schwartznegar while I was talking on a thread about the advancement of the machines and robots that are happening…. Ol’ “I’ll be back” jumped in with that again. But he wanted to hear about my helicopters coincidences.
    I have been searching my mind for the others that have physical status but so far those can be put in the ‘she’s lying ‘ pile.
    Good night

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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