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Patenting the Singularity

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    What if the Industrial Revolution never ended? What if Da Vinci was not merely a creative genius but had many teachers due to the influx of Greek scholars after the fall of the Byzantium Empire? What if the future is just a stepwise evolution from the nearest-neighbor in systematic composition while directed by correspondence, one recombination after another, pushing along what has already happened while shaped by the pull of the potential?

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    Brad Arnold

    It is difficult to imagine exponential production. Being able to transmute elements (LENT), and rapidly print any digitally described object (3D printing) with clean almost free and superabundant energy (LENR). Are abstract objects patentable? Is reimbursement in an era of radical abundance even a coherent concept?

    Exponential production using LENR, LENT, and 3D Printing

    Let me add that what is currently slowing down technological progress is antiquated cultural institutions and practicies. Let’s make the transition to an abundance economy and live forever ASAP. When the Singularity comes, machine minds will bypass stubborn cultural baggage that is obstructing change.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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