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More AI Scare Talk from Stephen Hawking

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    The barrage of AI scare propaganda increases! A couple months ago it was Nick Bostrom with his book Superintelligence (a nicely-written, rather academ
    [See the full post at: More AI Scare Talk from Stephen Hawking]


    I suspect that Hawking’s view isn’t actually very different from yours, Ben. You both think that AGI could be wonderful, or it could be disastrous: we just don’t know yet. Hawking, Musk and Bostrom are, in part, reacting against the blinkered optimism about AGI which is peddled by some (not you), and the blanket scepticism about the approach of AGI that is probably the most widespread opinion.

    Naturally, it pisses you off to be told in strident terms that your life’s work could cause terrible harm. But would you agree that there is an imbalance in having 100,000 people (at a guess) working full-time to make AGI happen, and only (say) half a dozen working full-time to make it safe?


    Who is peddling “blinkered optimism” then @Calum?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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