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Mind as a Virtual Reality Machine

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    By what empirical means can a person determine whether he or she is presently awake or dreaming? Any conceivable test addressing this question, which is a special case of the classical metaphysical doubting of reality, must be statistical (for the same reason that empirical science is, as noted by Hume).

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    “[..] the rather poor shape that it is in.”

    Hey… what do you mean? Looks gorgeous to me!

    Really LoL’ed at the OS reference, hehehe. Although I disagree that even if it crashed, even if as constantly (lol), simply recovering backups would be at all noticeable. Regardless of any PUF’s you may set up, unless of course said “punk” was a real punk, err I mean, truly incompetent. My first sentence seem to rule out this possibility though but, I really liked the pendulum idea, very clever. Maybe keep a look at the sun’s oscillatory patterns and see if it seems to be resonating to anything unaccounted for.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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