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Interview: Bitcoin Pioneer Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof on Bitnation and M+

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    Interview with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof on Bitnation and M+

    [See the full post at: Interview: Bitcoin Pioneer Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof on Bitnation and M+]


    Hence, I thought, if we assume this theory to be correct, then wouldn’t Facebook be the biggest experiment for peace in the world ever? The fact of liking someone’s Instagram of their lunch, regardless of political or geographical differences? That would make sense.

    That’s an admirable leap of imagination. I’m not convinced that liking an Instagram photo is akin to building social cohesion in a quasi-industrial, terminally stressed society.

    I guess being able to to control your destiny, through cryonics, downloading brains, modifying the body, etc is the ultimate frontier for liberty, once the violent global oligopoly on governance is gone. Immortality!

    1) If you entrust yourself to a cryonic process, you are at the mercy of the cryonic technicians and the funds in your bank account; you do not ‘control your destiny’
    2) Braindumps and body mods as the ultimate frontier of liberty?? Wha? This requires absolute faith in the goodness of non-existant technology and the entities that create and manage them. I don’t see any basis to be optimistic on this front.
    3) Immortaliy! There’s a long way to go between magnets in your finger tips and immortality. To me, this is the worst aspect of the H+ movement, but, admittedly, I’m a horse’s arse. You go girl! You’re smart, beautiful, young and forceful, no reason you shouldn’t be that way forever!

    I wanted to see a world of thousands or millions of competing borderless governance providers, competing through offering better services, rather than through the threat of violence within imaginary lines called borders.

    But ultimately, it all comes down to threats of violence. How else will you enforce your contracts especially against rogue actors?

    we’re also sensitive, thinking, feeling individuals who may or may not operate within forced upon (geographical) frameworks.

    Who does not operate within a geographical framework? Are you talking about AI’s?

    it’s more efficient to create a better alternative, like Bitcoin, who just outcompetes the old bad system, rather than to get a job at the FED, and try to change politics from the inside.

    How has Bitcoin out-competed existing fiat currency? What metric are we talking about here? As a store of value it’s been pretty volatile and it is not widely adopted. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bitcoin and even own some, but as a currency it’s still got a long way to go.

  • I took a look at the Bitnation website (quite slick!) but didn’t get too much information on how it’s going to work. It seems like their biggest hurdle is legality, enforcement and participation (and some dissension in the ranks!).

    Bitnation is definitely trying to do something revolutionary, but ultimately, how it will help poor people? Aside from the difficulties inherent in explaining the benefits of Gov 2.0 to people who don’t understand that Facebook is part of the Internet, and may have never even seen a functioning government, how can any of this stuff be enforced? Will Bitnation have an army of mercenaries or just pro-bono lawyers? Will the funding cover the astronomical costs of trying to sue Shell Oil the next time their Nigerian pipeline explodes? How is this all going to stop the “violent global oligopoly?”

    this was troubling to me. From their FAQ:


    Recognition will grow organically over time, in tandem with mainstream adoption. When Bitcoin was first invented it wasn’t recognized as a currency, until a significant amount of people started using it as a currency – the same is likely to apply in the case of BITNATION – although the recognition may be quicker since there are already a significant percentage of contracts and disputes being arbitrated by private courts around the world.

    So who gets to be the guinea pig that starts setting international precedent and how will it be paid for?

    If it wasn’t clear, I wasn’t very impressed by this interview or the subject thereof. That said, some credit where it’s due: someone has to be the first and new ideas don’t emerge without daring risks. Smart contracts are probably coming and block chain may have numerous applications beyond bitcoin. It’s not at all clear that DOs and DAOs are going to rule the future, however.

    ultimately, this read very much like a press release.

    One last note, the Bitnation auction that’s going on is not available to US residents, ostensibly because of the aforementioned legal concerns. Additionally, there seems to be some concern from within the organization itself as to its own legitimacy, however it could also be sour grapes. You be the judge.


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