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Infinities in Literature and Mathematics

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    The problem with Romanticism’s concept of the Infinite.

    [See the full post at: Infinities in Literature and Mathematics]


    I wished you called them “prima interpretations” and “irrational interpretations” =)
    They would still fall on the same infinities, thereby preserving your analogy, whilst adding yet another layer of, if you pardon the pun, “interpretation” to the allusions. 😉

    While I disagree completely with (the described, I have not studied it in any depth) Hegelian view of mathematics, it does point to a truth about another, completely different subject nevertheless of interest around here. One which always seems to generate an awful lot of confusion, in almost anyone, at least those who care to comment, only 1 aspect of which I can hope to tackle on this small corner of cyberspace and, I’m afraid, with bad news.
    That of AI and consciousness and, thus, uploading. Math is simply modeling the world, even if your modeling is perfect (and most likely your phenomena incredibly trivial), it’s nothing more than that: a mere model. Much like your description of Cantor’s process to demonstrate infinities, a bijection. The best one can hope for, with current computer architectures, is to have it ‘behave like’ the phenomena you are modeling. Which will be fine if what you want is to cash in donations (or politically, which I’m sure some monkeys will ‘think’ of) for the rights of robots but, unless you’re ready to accept we’ve been slaving pieces of wire for a looong time and on a massive scale, not really of any ethical consequence regarding “intelligence”.
    (Although, hey, it could very well be.. our brains works — among many other stuff — with electricity, tho I’m guessing consciousness will turn out, as with everything, to be a little more than that)
    Thus I advise waiting for better architectures before uploading, don’t do it this week 😉 But then again, if it’s your last resort, you can always wait as an unconsciousness simulation for your next substrate upgrade, LOL.

    On the final thought:

    .. there is nothing more pragmatic than “fascination”..
    .. as from Eros everything springs..
    .. not least the dull. =)

    btw, I’d seriously doubt ANY claim by, Master Sophist, Mr. Gödel. And that last sentence surmises well why.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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