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Humanity+ and the Upcoming Battle between Good and Evil

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    Many transhumanists seek a better world, made possible through massively improved intellectual capacity, aka Humanity+.

    [See the full post at: Humanity+ and the Upcoming Battle between Good and Evil]


    Heh.. are we getting closer to the truth? It plays right on Armageddon believers’ hands tho… Maybe a common “ground” as well, if you pardon the pun.

    btw, Nietzsche’s also justify life as an aesthetic experience, not unlike his inspirations from the Hellenistic age. And that, my friends, is a goal in itself.

    Thus it’s a bit misleading to claim his “conclusion [was that] such goals are futile” and stop there without qualification of 2 points. One, somewhat addressed by that last paragraph granted: “such goals” as external ones and; two, and perhaps less obvious (even basic Game Theory got that previous one, LOL) though more specific towards his philosophy: “such” aforementioned aesthetic justification.

    Very nice article, hoping for more (or longer =P) of those. ^_^

    Harry J.

    The average person is equipped with more computing power now than the US government had in the 1960s. The more you give a person, e.g. more powerful technology, greater strength and durability, greater information awareness, greater IQ, greater personal manufacturing technologies like 3-D printers or nanobots, personal space-ships, etc. the harder he becomes for a government to control. Politically, that’s what transhumanists will become: high-tech rebels and mutineers who can single-handedly overthrow governments foolish enough to get in their way. Edward Snowden is a prototype of the political transhumanist – what Snowden did with information, transhumanists will be able to do with everything else. Transhumanist soldiers, once they realized they were being exploited by cynical politicians, might choose to destroy entire armies and states on their own. In short, transhumanist “politics” is going to be very exciting and challenge everything we thought we knew.


    @Marcos, thank you for the nice words and I agree that the article was ended superficially. I think that writing the positive side of the goal question, what we do seek, is a great challenge for a next article. I want to re-think Nietzsche’s application of the word Macht and what it might mean in informational terms, given what we know today about drives.
    @Harry J, I agree with some of what you say, though I am not sure that Snowden’s current situation is one many people would aspire to. I fear that swift change creates chaos and chaos kills randomly, devastatingly. Rule of law is the foundation of humaneness and maintaining it during transformational times will be an enormous challenge for us all.


    Thanks. ^_^

    Oh yes, you’d be tackling nothing less than the meaning of life, the universe and everything. =) As huge a challenge as it gets. Although, I can’t help to believe that, if after so many clever people searched for it — for so long — and never quite seem to find, then it must be something so simple or obvious nobody looks there. LOL

    Cool! Can’t wait to see if we reach similar conclusions, since what lead me to discover Nietzsche was such a similarity although, my final answer to this was somewhat different to, yet encompassing, his thus somewhat more general. (I believe so but I don’t pretend to be any expert)

    My Deutsche is currently at rookie level so can’t give much opinion here but… regarding drives… it seems philosophers and, it seems, mostly everyone else (even psychologists, for instance) go astray for failing to differentiate “healthy” ones vs “unhealthy” drives. I quote the terms because, if even identifying the dichotomy seems eluding, classifying them would be even harder.

    Let alone the fact that there is enough subtlety there to allow some subjectivity, a related problem to morals/natural ethics… Needless to say Nietzsche won’t help develop this path much further. 😉

    As much as I enjoy Trolling my contemporaries as he did, “killing God” was conspicuously “einfach” for my paranoid tastes. =)

    Well.. maybe with the unhealthy ones.. not sure we could get to the healthy ones simply by apophatic reasoning from such a hazy concept for a starting “set”. What if there isn’t any? What if existence is fundamentally tainted? Scary thought and I like to believe there is at least a Goldilocks’ Zone of “healthy enough” but, that may simply be yet another human bias I was not able to “kill” just yet…

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