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Don’t Worry About Designer Babies – gene editing won’t work on complex traits like intelligence

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    Despite the successes in gene discovery of the past 10 years, our knowledge of the combined contribution of all genetic variants is too limited for embryo editing.

    [See the full post at: Don’t Worry About Designer Babies – gene editing won’t work on complex traits like intelligence]


    I worry precisely because it won’t work. What is this egotistical monkey logic? I want smarter people around, not retarded. Specially if the risk of spreading “bugged code” is so unmitigated.


    You don’t have to worry Marcos, fact that intelligence cannot be tweaked
    by genetic modification alone hardly means that it cannot be done at all.
    To “max out” such complex trait will have to mix genetics, epigenetics,
    embrionic science and correct upbringing.

    As for egoistical monkey thinking, I believe that people simply
    don’t like to feel obsolete and it’s not feeling that’s easy to

    Real dangers of eugenics are, way of measuring complex
    traits such as intelligence (IQ test aren’t very good at that) and
    fact that humanity last attempt at it had rather grim finale.


    @ Peter

    I agree with everything you say but I don’t think I was clear in my point.
    The ‘worry’ (if one can really call that, I was going with the title of the article) is that, in spite of not working, people try it anyways and it backfires big time.

    > people simply don’t like to feel obsolete

    Yep, yet another monkey mind behavior in my view. For how can obsolescence ever get to one’s uniqueness? : )

    > Eugenics

    I have a great movie script which ‘solves’ that exact ‘problem’ : ) If there is any filmmaker interested in spreading H+ ideas whilst taking my credit for it, feel free to contact me. : )

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