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DISRUPTIVE EVOLUTION — Transhumanism and Survival of the Quickest 

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    Is Transhumanism an exercise in Unnatural Selection?

    [See the full post at: DISRUPTIVE EVOLUTION — Transhumanism and Survival of the Quickest ]


    Hey, pretty good article here. The concern I have is that I see a situation developing where an anointed few are permitted to do the design and engineering work on the augmentations and other enhancement technologies to be offered and that people like my self who has been unemployed for three years will not have any say about the design of the augmentations that will be offered. The situation this will cause is that everyone starts getting crap upgrades. They might think they are awesome but I refuse because the proposed augmentation is junk. So I get left behind and I won’t be able to secure the resources I will need to develop the types of technologies that I personally want, or might face a regulatory scheme that actively prevents me from developing technologies that the mainstream can’t undrestand….

    My point is that there needs to be a democratization in R&D and that cutting edge research must be a no PhD required enterprise…


    ” It is therefore in direct conflict with the established biological evolutionary […] in competition with Mother Nature”

    On the contrary, it is in direct *alignment*. Actually *in cooperation with* Nature.

    And the selection isn’t “unnatural” either, at least not until machines start thinking for us — as theirs are the only, arguably, “artificial” — which will also never really be the case if humans do enhance in tandem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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