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All Data is Credit Data — On Close Reading as a Reciprocal Process in Digital Knowledge Environments

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    Once I found a beautiful camera phone, lying on the sidewalk. It was muddy and the signal was dead, but I took it home anyway, and the Eves caught me with it. “Don’t you know any better?” they said. “Such a thing can hurt you! It can burn your brain! Don’t even look at it: if you can see it, it can see you.”

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    Very nice article, describes the situation well. Knowledge is power and the privacy issue really is about how much power others can hold over you versus what you are able to control. As a former member of the intelligence community we learned how much people consciously and unconsciously judge you by your initial appearance and how you can control these judgements and even eliminate them by eliminating certain clues. This is important because others perceptions carry all of the bias and prejudice of the judge, right or wrong.

    In the online world, all of this data is aggressively gathered (by marketers, of which one I am) without regard to privacy nor accuracy nor context. All of this data is available forever and is judged starkly. If you decide to read Mien Kampf you are a Nazi, if you have searched for Viagra you are impotent, if you go to monster.com you are unsatisfied with your jov. I could write volumes on how details of a persons life can be used to that person’s disadvantage and how many ways it can be misinterpreted, without recourse. You know longer have the option of being judged by how you present yourself.

    How the government uses information is another issue, I am strongly opposed to some of the methods being used right now. Our government was set up on the premise that the leadership is SUPPOSED to be afraid of the people. Knowledge is power, political leadership with that much power will ultimately be corrupted. This is dangerous.

    My two cents.

    Thanks again for the article.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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