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Back to the Future in the Metaverse with Giulio Prisco, Philip Rosedale, Stephen Larson, The Rev. Christopher Benek, David Orban, and h+ Chair Natasha Vita-More

So many people came that the Second Life server was overloaded and eventually (snow-)crashed! The first 12 minutes of the video are surreal and fun: watch first the event organizer, then the cameraman and the founder of Second Life himself, ejected from Second Life! Luckily the event continued via Google Hangout and we’ve got the video here.


IA|AI – The Rise of Intelligence Amplification & Artificial Intelligence

“Intelligence Amplification, either through getting smarter people or having really smart machines – It just seems overwhelmingly likely that this is going to be the dominant economic force once you get 20-30 years out into the future. Virtually no economists are studying it.”


Neuroscience – and the Future of Humanity – Interview with Ken Hayworth

Recently I did a three part interview with renowned neuroscientist Kenneth Hayworth that went for 4.5 hours. So strap yourselves into your interview appreciation chairs and glue your eyes to the screen. It was very informative and fun, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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