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Video Friday: Markerless Tracking for Virtual Reality

The many cameras are used to remove occlusion and generate a 3D representation of the person’s full body without the need for markers, equipment or any special garments. It’s an entirely unencumbered full body VR-chamber that can be used to dynamically control avatars, create 3D models, and more. Add a wireless head mounted display and you have a simple “holodeck” system. Hmm, we might have room for one over by the shed.


Back to the Future in the Metaverse with Giulio Prisco, Philip Rosedale, Stephen Larson, The Rev. Christopher Benek, David Orban, and h+ Chair Natasha Vita-More

So many people came that the Second Life server was overloaded and eventually (snow-)crashed! The first 12 minutes of the video are surreal and fun: watch first the event organizer, then the cameraman and the founder of Second Life himself, ejected from Second Life! Luckily the event continued via Google Hangout and we’ve got the video here.


The Schism

Even in this day of global change and universal paradigm shifts, the technologies that will evolve us beyond our previous states will soon become a reality for everyone. As this may be, there will be one element that will not change. That element is hostility, the very element that has been with us throughout history. In the posthuman era, hostility will still continue to exist and divide us into factions. This time, it will be our choice in form that will cause intolerance and hostility. As one chooses to become part of posthumanity, they will choose to either upload their minds into computers to become one with machinery or evolve their current form using genetic manipulation. It is this choice that will make them part of the Schism.


Enter the World of the Surrogates

Ever since I was a kid I have been interested in an episode of Batman The Animated series, in which a fight scene takes place between a robotic version of Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, called a “duplicant”, basically a robot that duplicates a human.