Category: Uplifting Animals

Direct Brain to Brain Communication Between Animals and Humans

Now imagine this, we’re on our way to transcending the language barrier, with the Brain Computer Interface, for human to human communication, where direct and immediate interpretation or translation will be possible with the appropriate software. Imagine, if you can start understanding, what your dog, your cat or your hamster is thinking? And then now think, if we figure a way, to relay our thoughts or intended messages, to your pets or other animals, in a way, they can understand? Going to the zoo will become a very different experience from what it is today.


Book Review: Beyond Human: From Animality to Transhuman

The instability of the category ‘human’ has been the subject of philosophical debate for centuries but it is only recently that the biological and informational sciences have begun to shake the ethical foundations of modernity by revealing a lack of real, material distinctions between ourselves and other animals or, indeed, between ourselves and machines.


Call for Articles for Freerange Vol. 8 — animals, humans, robots and the borders and boundaries between them

Freerange Vol.8 is looking for articles, ideas, images, stories, illustrations, inventions, or anything else that might contribute to the theme: animals, humans, robots and the borders and boundaries between them.