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Book Review: Human+ by Marty Higgins

Human+ is a near future speculative fiction novel about the awakening of a new kind of transhumanism, a spiritual transhumanism. It is a story of personal transformation and the journey of awakening to a more mature level of intelligence and integration, a more profound experience of humanity that is beyond and yet encompasses the mundane materialistic world in the higher order of a more encompassing reality.


Call for Articles for Freerange Vol. 8 — animals, humans, robots and the borders and boundaries between them

Freerange Vol.8 is looking for articles, ideas, images, stories, illustrations, inventions, or anything else that might contribute to the theme: animals, humans, robots and the borders and boundaries between them.


The Age of Anatta Machines: Kicking the Ghosts out of AI

In 1999, Ray Kurzweil published a book entitled The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence. Much as I enjoy Kurzweil’s writing and ideas, I find this a bad title for a non-fiction book about Artificial Intelligence. The last thing we would ever want intelligent machines to be would be spiritual.