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Doctors are practicing reimbursement based medicine and not evidence based medicine.

Attending Futuremed this year at the Hotel Coronado this year was an eye opener and reaffirmed much of what I learned over the years by the top innovators and healthcare professionals from around the world. Why would I write an article on this theme and what does this have to do with transhumanism? Well one important point I wanted to make was if you want to make it to the singularity you have to take care of your own health and educate yourself on the latest trends and problems with the medical system in America today.


Molecules in the Blood that Signal Self-Destruction

My theme the last few weeks has been the signals that trigger the body’s self-destruction with age. The easiest to target are molecules that circulate in the blood. Last week, I covered a few that decrease in blood concentration as we age, and that cripple our defenses. This week, I’ll talk about signals that increase as we age, and that activate self-destruction. There are two principal mechanisms of active self-destruction: inflammation and apoptosis=cell suicide. Both mechanisms are important to the healthy functioning of the body. Inflammation is our first defense against invading pathogens. Apoptosis elimnates diseased and cancerous cells before they can become a problem. But in old age, both are co-opted for self-destruction. Healthy tissues in the body are destroyed by apoptosis, and inflammation leads to arterial damage and heart disease, DNA damage and cancer.

The blood signals, too, are have helpful roles earlier in life, but turn traitorous with age.


Vaccinate your life against B.S.O.D – Insure your memories.

As our Biological (analog) life get’s more entwined with the Digital world we have created, chances are, there might be options worth exploring. It all comes down to “Sampling” – taking snapshots of our analog lives and storing them digitally. Today, with reasonable precision we can sample, store and re-create most of our primary senses, digitally. Sight via cameras, sound via microphones, touch via haptics and even scents can be sampled and/or synthesized with remarkable accuracy.


Stylometric analysis to track anonymous users in the underground

According an interesting study presented by researcher Sadia Afroz at last edition of Chaos Communication Congress in Germany, the 29C3, up to 80 percent of certain anonymous underground forum users can be identified using linguistics, a data that is stunning in my opinion. Sadia is member of the The Drexel and George Mason universities research team composed of Aylin Caliskan Islam, Ariel Stolerman, Rachel Greenstadt, and Damon McCoy.


Biohacking: PCR Primer

Interested in biohacking but don’t know where to start? Do It Yourself Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is one easiest, most useful, and affordable biohacking technologies you can get started with.