Category: Psychology


Facebook Experiment Demonstrates Transfer of Emotional States via Social Media

Facebook is the subject of a heated debate for a psychological experiment the company has conducted on nearly 700,000 people without their knowledge. The Facebook experiment was carried out in 2012 and was related to the manipulation of content on users’ newsfeeds to analyze the effect on the user’s sentiment.


An Integral Framework for Transhumanism

At first examination Transhumanism is a complex and quickly evolving Promethean school of thought loosely woven together with a variety of conversations and points of view. It is kind of a crazy quilt of ideas and technologies in which it is difficult initially to discern much more than a common definition. It seems there are already a few manifestos still glowing from Hephaestus’ forge. There is some uncertainty, at least in my own mind where the movement begins and ends.


Hearing Voices: Risks of Voice Synthesis and the Merger of AR Games and Storytelling

The human psyche is highly fragile in the times of stress, and it’s only appropriate to assume that the simulated voices will follow us more and more, just like the GPS in your car telling you to turn around the corner. We must apply tight user experience guidelines to some of these simulations.

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