Category: Proactionary Principle

Video Friday: Longecity Now Interviews Max More on Transhumanism, Extropy, Proactionary Principle, Life Extension. (2008)

This is a podcast devoted to the latest from the world of life extension and advancing technology. In this episode Max More appears (audio only) and he discusses Transhumanism, Extropy, Proactionary Principle, Life Extension. (2008)

Opinion: Synthetic Biology — The True Savior of Mankind

Once we recognize that the current species are flawed, we will see that only by designing and introducing new species can suffering, poverty and the depletion of natural resources be stopped. Once we look at this option, we find already a perfect and ultimately moral solution to the threats of climate change, disease, overpopulation and the terrible scarcity giving rise to endless injustice and retaliatory terrorism.

Reproductive Rights and Transhumanism

Individual reproductive rights and reproductive freedom should be an important principle for transhumanists, but the topic is widely misunderstood. While some argue for restricting parental rights, restrictions on reproductive rights also leads to restrictions in scientific research, medical treatments, and correspondingly, a reduction in longevity.

Monsanto, GMOs, and the Future of Open Source Synthetic Biology

If the controversy over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) tells us something indisputable, it is this: GMO food products from corporations like Monsanto are suspected to endanger health. On the other hand, an individual’s right to genetically modify and even synthesize entire organisms as part of his dietary or medical regimen could someday be a human right.

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