Category: Opinion

The Disrupted Generation

author Andrew. F. Allan Change in the direction of humanity is inevitable. Whether Transhuman or Posthuman, we are unlikely to be the humans of recent history in the immediate future that lies ahead. The disruption to “normal” human life is...

The Asilomar AI Principles Should Include Transparency About the Purpose and Means of Advanced AI Systems

author Bill Hibbard The recently published set of 23 Asilomar AI Principles are intended to guide the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Two principles, 7 and 8, call for transparency about the reasons for harm caused by AI and transparency...

Book Review: The Homebrew Industrial Revolution (2010)

Author Harry J. Bentham       Predicting an economic “singularity” approaching, Kevin Carson from the Center for a Stateless Society writes in The Homebrew Industrial Revolution (2010) we can look forward to a vibrant “alternative economy” driven less and less by...

Book Reviews: The State of the Future 2015-16

In The State of Future 2015-16 report the Millennium Project has provided a framework to assess our prospects, both locally and globally on the 15 Global Challenges.

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