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The Nomadic Diary of Onyx Ashanti Part #5: Boogie Up, Boogie Down, in Oaktown

It hasn’t rained once in the 2 months ive been here. I hear that there is a drought. I had forgotten what endless summer is like. well, hmmm…it s more like endless “spring” mornings, “summer” afternoons, and “autumn” evenings in the Bay area. this region has a very strange micro climate that is unique but you get used to it. I used to be…but I find myself consistently surprised by the complete lack of rain since arriving here in may.

The Nomadic Diary of Onyx Ashanti: Episodes #3 and #4: Exploring the Digital Memory Banks and Exo-voice Development Updates

busking has supported me since I first moved away from home as an adult in the early 90’’s. I knew a total of 3 songs when I started. busking allows you to develop. it is the like a relationship with someone you might not see very often but when you do, its familiar and comfortable.


What Would “Cyborg” Mean If The Word Were Invented Today?

I brought most of my most important tools, namely my exo-voice and backup parts, my computers, and my 3d printer, and set them all up on the desk that was already there. throughout the week I was able to continue my project iteration unabated;20131001_002912 these tools WERE my lab. they were part of me as I exist now.

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