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Memory Enhancing Technology and Witness Testimony

Recently, scientists at USC implanted a memory enhancing chip into rats. By recording the transfer of signals between hippocampal regions (CA3 to CA1), scientists were able to bypass the normal neural connections mice use to encode long term memory. The chip, when activated, allowed the rats to remember how to perform a task despite being drugged to forget how to perform that task. Although the technology is still very early in it testing phase, the scientists hope to apply the same principle to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or stroke, where memory is often affected.


Targeting Artificial Implants Using Nanotech

Lund University in Sweden announced last week that they have successfully targeted artificial implants in a pig by using magnetics to direct therapeutic nanoparticles.
Henrik Kempe and Maria Kempe (brother and sister) surface-coated an anti-clotting drug with magnetite nanoparticles and used an external magnet placed over an implanted artery stint.