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Jewelry as Prosthesis

Shifting the concept of value and luxury towards a debate on medical science and body design by starting the production of exquisite powerful objects, loaded with emotion and sensuality, but cut through with social comment, generating a discussion on the new direction of social rituals, the relationship between design and science, and the problems that arise when aesthetics meets ethics.


Hacker Superstar Ang Cui’s Symbiotes will Defend Your Mind

Ang’s research focuses on embedded devices such as routers, printers and VOIP phones. And he is the inventor of a novel, host-based defense mechanism known as Symbiotes. Symbiotes are software defenses “designed specifically to retrofit black-box, vulnerable, legacy embedded systems withsophisticated anti-exploitation mechanisms”. Ang’s work with symbiotes might very well be the first line of defense for your future cybernetically enhanced mind.


Best of H+: The Hacking of Human 2.0

With each passing year, the ability to alter our minds and bodies through technology grows. Advances in biotechnology, neuroengineering, robotics and myriad other fields are steadily changing the human condition. Many of these changes will be for the better, but there will be a downside too. In the course of augmenting our physical and mental abilities, we’re also introducing new vulnerabilities, opening ourselves up to invasive attacks that could threaten our finances, our identities, even our lives. In short, we’re quickly approaching a time when we’ll have to protect against the hacking of Human 2.0.