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Soon I will be rich. Two trends: social networking and the death of privacy. I’m cashing in on the confluence. Why should only celebrities be publicly humiliated?


The Pursuit of Crappiness

Did you enjoy reading your little transnerdulist magazine about pleasure, prancing and sustained orgasm? Now you expect a little humor, don’t you? Well, guess what? I’m not in the mood.


All The Formats You Can Eat

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who love magazines and assholes.

Just kidding!  (It will take me a few weeks to get the hang of this public outreach thing.) And really, I’m just kidding…. no, really. I know. You love magazines but don’t think they work online.  And besides, I live only to please everybody.  And while many are pleased by the flash digital magazine format, others find the delivery too awkward to bother with and they move on. 


I’m Smarter Than My Keys, Dammit!

This morning, I locked my keys in my car. This afternoon, my wife placed her keys on her car seat. I said, “Don’t do that. You might lock your keys in your car.” She said, “My keys won’t let that happen. They’re intelligent.”After I downloaded divorce papers…


The Meaning of Life Lies in Its Suckiness

McKibben’s dedication to the nobility of age and death doesn’t prevent him from posting a photo on his website that shows him looking twenty years younger than he actually is. Nor does his stance against technological enhancement prevent him from wearing eyeglasses.

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