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In his paper on the technological Singularity, Vernor Vinge outlined several pathways that could lead to superhuman intelligence. The one which gets talked about most often is the ‘AI scenario: We create superhuman artificial intelligence (AI) in computers’. In fact, this pathway is referred to so often, it has become synonymous with the Technological Singularity in the minds of a lot of people. This seems a pity, as there are other ways in which the Singularity could be brought about and we aught to be aware of these alternative routes to superintelligence.


The Future of Intelligence

Human intelligence, like everything related to biological systems, is an evolving phenomenon. It has not been static in the past, and will not persist in its current form into the future.


Land of Fire, Ice and Thinking Machines: The Recent Rise of AI in Iceland, and an Interview with the Thorisson Brothers who Helped Make it Happen

This past August, I spent nearly a week in Iceland – the beautiful, rugged “land of fire and ice” — where I not only hiked on lava-coated glaciers and bathed in silica-mud-filled hot springs, but also attended the AGI & Constructivist AI Summer School organized by Kristinn Thórisson and his colleagues at Reykjavik University.


Cliff Joslyn on the Global Brain

The universal forces of evolution have acted on organisms to create e.g. metazoan multicelluarity and its attendant specialization of cells, tissues, and organs. Similarly, human social roles are differentiated, and there are many specialized human “organs”.