Category: Genetics

8 Trends Reshaping Biotechnology

Advances in technology are rapidly improving the range of available biotechnological tools and applications. Interfacial opportunities, such as those combining biomedical improvements with aspects of engineering, computing and innovative biomaterials are at the forefront of these enhancements.

Gene Drives

Gene drives could benefit human health by altering populations that currently spread diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and Lyme so that they can no longer transmit the disease to humans.

Biology is Technology — DARPA is Back in the Game With A Big Vision and It Is H+

DARPA, the Defense Research Projects Agency, is best known for its role as progenitor of the Internet. Now they want to revolutionize biotechnology.

Automatic Algorithm Invention with a Cartesian Genetic Program

Wes Faler at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress (28C3) by the Chaos Computer Club [CCC] demonstrates the use of Cartesian Genetic Programming” (CGP), a powerful tool for creating software and designing physical objects, to invent image filters

Regeneration in Mammals–Ancient Capacity is Not Lost, but Actively Suppressed

It was 1995, and Ellen Heber-Katz ran a busy lab at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, at the top of a thriving career in auto-immunity. Her lab housed many mice in common cages, labeling the mice with tiny holes punched in their ears. One day, she discovered that a litter of mice were un-labeled, and she spoke to her post-doc about it. But Lise Clark said she was sure she had punched their ears. So Heber-Katz punched their ears herself, and checked back the next day. She could hardly see the holes she had punched. Within a few days, the ears healed over, smooth skin, seamless cartilage with nary a scar. Mice aren’t supposed to be able to do this.

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