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Dead as a Doornail?

“Death” is actually a legal term as evidenced by the fact that the definition of death has changed substantially as technologies for measuring what is happening in the organism have evolved. Our definition of death will continue to change as technology advances.


Your Life-Defense Plan

Fundamentally, Transhumanism is about life — making it better, longer, and happier.  Unfortunately we live in a mostly malevolent, or at best indifferent, universe.


Animations of a Possible Cure for Cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. If current trends continue, about one in three of readers will die from cancer. Are there ways to apply today’s powerful computers and mathematics to defeat this disease?


Telomere Length, Disease Risk, and Current Molecular Diagnostic Testing

Over the past twenty years several hundred DNA and RNA-based molecular diagnostic tests have been introduced that help physicians provide better care for their patients. Many tests predict individual risk for specific diseases, such as BRCA1 and -2 gene mutations for breast and ovarian cancer risk and CFTR gene mutation analysis for cystic fibrosis.


Why Aren’t More Wealthy People Funding Aging Research?

I believe that the overwhelming reason why politicians (and, to a lesser extent, companies) have not heard this message is not because they fail to understand it but because they dispute the premise. There is a profoundly deep-seated belief that aging is untreatable. This has been reinforced, I am afraid to say, by the short-sighted protestations of past gerontologists who mistakenly claimed “aging is not a disease.”


Live Long and Prosper. Umm, we’ll Get Back To You On That Prosper Bit

A couple weeks, reports started appearing in newspapers about a “longevity breakthrough. Scientists destroy cells that age us.” In both the mainstream and the futurist media, this was played as probably the biggest breakthrough towards attaining hyperlongevity thus far — which it may well be.


Sonia Arrison’s 100 Plus: Book Review

I have to congratulate Sonia Arrison on putting together a book that is both highly accessible to newbies with no prior background in transhumanist thinking or longevity researcher, and also richly interesting to those of us who have playing in these regions of conceptual space for a long time.