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“Nexus” by Ramez Naam — review by Ben Goertzel

Based on my totally unscientific observations, the number of science fiction novels with explicitly Singularitarian and transhumanist themes seems to be increasing exponentially. At very least, the number of such novels finding their way to my inbox or snail mail...


One Small Step for an Android; One Large Step For Our Nation – Political Sci-Fi

The rise of “machine intelligence” — no longer acceptably called “artificial”— exploded shortly after President Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012. Funded by significant grants in the areas of machine learning and social robotics, American scientists made huge leaps forward as soon as 2015. The year 2016 saw New York’s first coffee shop operated entirely by robots, and, now quaintly archaic, the small store has joined the Statue of Liberty as one of the city’s landmarks of American history.


The Vigilante: A Crowdfunded Film About Compulsory Technological “Mind Correction”

Their film is called The Vigilante, and its theme is one that has worried a lot of transhumanists over the last decades: What happens when mind modification technology is not only possible but starts to be considered obligatory? What if you don’t want the recommended tweaks to your psyche?


Coyote—Coyote’s experiment with freedom begins.

Coyote—A Tale of Unexpected Consequences is about an intelligent robot coyote who longs to be free. This excerpt takes place after Coyote, who was stolen but escaped, has just been found again by Zoë, the robot’s owner.