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Numanity Episode 1- Future Shock

It wasn’t even a full century since he was gone but the earth he was observing looked somehow different. It appeared to be divided in half by invisible lines, one side bright even with that thick cloud lurking miles above the surface and covering it while the other half, well, lets say it was less bright. The people who were rejecting reality were in the dark and always will be, and that is one of the biggest mistakes human beings make over and over and that is to seek refuge in the Yin element of morality.


Review: Dan Brown’s Inferno

Warning: This review contains spoilers and reveals key plot elements of Dan Brown’s new thriller, Inferno, which in case you haven’t heard features transhumanism prominently and has a transhumanist villain in addition to Brown’s usual mix of Renaissance and Medieval European art, obscure symbolism, secrets and conspiracies.


Through the Prism

A survey and collation of the ideas of Science Fiction writers writing over the past 140 plus years reveals no less than 28 Possibilities — 28 ways of being which we might choose to evolve towards, or which might evolve alongside us.


Science Fiction and The Future of Human Beings: Imagination, Evolution and The Anthropocentric Myths

Though our contemporary world still enjoys the favours of Enlightenment, people from every kind of scientific and philosophical discipline seem to have been defeated in the task of excavating our human origins. And it took a long way down. The Antique World, the Medieval World and all the following eras found themselves among the quest of trying to answer this most vital question: what does it mean to be human?


The Cylon Argument

Some of the first cylons were undoubtedly among the scientific and philosophical pioneers of the human race. Yet others excelled in finance, law and social sciences, and they were the ones who led to the cylon related resolutions of UN in ’36, and the later agreements.