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Why Aren’t More Wealthy People Funding Aging Research?

I believe that the overwhelming reason why politicians (and, to a lesser extent, companies) have not heard this message is not because they fail to understand it but because they dispute the premise. There is a profoundly deep-seated belief that aging is untreatable. This has been reinforced, I am afraid to say, by the short-sighted protestations of past gerontologists who mistakenly claimed “aging is not a disease.”


Planning for the End of the Era

Most of us don’t claim to know the future. Even futurists say they are predicting “futures,” not “the future.” Those who give definite predictions are just entertainers. But we are all forced to make predictions about the future when we decide whether and how to save and invest. You can’t avoid it: Whether you save or spend your monthly salary, whether you buy stocks or put money in a savings account, your decisions today will affect your life in years to come.



Let’s be clear about what the Singularity is; we are talking about a colossal event that would radically transform life as we know it. The Singularity is enormously powerful – there is nothing tiny about it. Picture a truly astronomical event of totally mind-blowing proportions; this is what the Singularity is. But “the use and abuse of the term ‘Singularity’ is rapidly proliferating”, and according to some pundits almost everything these days is a Singularity.


Live Long and Prosper. Umm, we’ll Get Back To You On That Prosper Bit

A couple weeks, reports started appearing in newspapers about a “longevity breakthrough. Scientists destroy cells that age us.” In both the mainstream and the futurist media, this was played as probably the biggest breakthrough towards attaining hyperlongevity thus far — which it may well be.


Occupy Yourself

Problems are something we’ve all got in common. You may scoff, but the Arab Spring could be the H+ upgrade we’ve been waiting for, because it’s nearly 2012 and nothing is sacred, as each of us moves inexorably towards personal tipping points, financially, environmentally, mentally, et al. At this time, things are more difficult because human evolution is badly handicapped by the greed virus.


Wake Up and Dream

Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION is a metaphor for what all good films do: They create a dream world: an alternate, fantastical reality which a subject (or audience) can enter. The audience then fills this ‘reality template’ with their subconscious projections: our hopes, longings, fears, all parlayed all in an epic quest for catharsis and rebirth.


The Transhuman Agenda

Welcome to the future. Amongst many of the ambient factors we’re now living with; like the Arab Spring, global warming, overpopulation and the daily extinction of species, Transhumanism (H+) is an elitist social faction born from the silent screams of billions of cyperpunks who once believed that technology could improve mankind. Meantime, Tyrants have fallen; Tipping points are rife and Entropy remains ruthless. It’s more than half-way through 2011 and the ramp to the apocalypse, or singularity, has already begun.


Change your Gestalt — the Schwann Column

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Schwann and this column may offer you the only hope of a cure for the social virus that has pushed our 2011 World beyond the threshold of critical mass.


Why Christianity & Transhumanism Are Not Enemies

Are Transhumanism and Christianity inherently opposed to each other? We think not. In recent years, as the Transhumanist Movement has become better known, it has been seen as an enemy of spirituality and religion. To others it has been seen as part of a conspiracy to take away the freedom of the people by influential elites.


On The Creating And Sharing Of Awe

Timothy Leary and Buckminster Fuller called themselves “performing philosophers,” using the power of media communication to spread galactic-sized ideas about the state of the species in relation to the wider universe. Leary used to say, “In the information age, you don’t teach philosophy as they did after feudalism. You perform it. If Aristotle were alive today, he’d have a talk show.” Carl Sagan is another example of the philosopher-as-media-personality, effectively hacking pop culture with his iconic Cosmos TV series and sending our collective minds reeling.