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What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

In a recent article over at the ironically named “Evolution News”, an intelligent design blog, ID advocate and frequent critic of transhumanism Wesley J. Smith gets nearly everything wrong.


My Hostility Towards the Concept of Friendly-AI

“Involuntary friendliness” is censorship of consciousness akin to removing all the unfriendly words from the dictionary, making it impossible to express unfriendly ideas, which is a premise of language control proposed in the book “1984”.


The Singularity and Transhumanism

The Singularity to me seems to be a little bit too ‘singular’. It seems to assume that all these different technologies converge and take off all at the same pace. Whereas in my view, we’re more likely to see a Surge which might trail off, might slow down—in fact, maybe a series of surges.


Time Travelling Transhumans (T^3)

Time is always in the present, because the moment in which you read this is in the past and the future is only a figment of your imagination so regard the present with nostalgia knowing that a millisecond away, in the future, exists thoughts to think.


Advertising: a Force for Conservation?

If the advertiser can manufacture enough classiness for thousands of people with a video camera and some actors, this is probably a more environmentally friendly choice for those after classiness than most of their alternatives, such as ordering stuff in from France.


The Châos Factor (K+)

It’s like celebratory gunfire isn’t life-threatening because your state of mind affects the reality you perceive. That is; until you get hit in the head by a stray bullet. It’s been said that no battle plan survives the first engagement, so it’s difficult to predict what will happen next as we continue the birthing of a new generation, a generation suckled on the Information Age.