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The Smarter-Than-Human AIs Won’t Rule the World but More-Than-Humans Will

From implants and brain-computer communication to genetic therapies to brain enhancement, Ramez Naam’s 2005 book, More Than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement was one of the most lucid and accessible tours of the then-latest developments in transhumanist related sciences and technologies.  I interviewed him after the publication of that book for the (deceased) NeoFiles website and much of what he said to me has remained with me since. It seemed like it was time to catch up. What’s his perspective on more than humanism seven years hence?


Top 10 Stupid Human-Hating Ecologists

Ecology should be an honorable profession, but its leadership is flawed when they distort data, denigrate human existence, foment hysteria to sell apocalyptic screeds, and reject technological solutions.  Civilization is presently over-ripe with idiotic environmental activists.  Here’s my list of the worst, with quotes from their misanthropic ideology.


Arctic river deltas may hold clues to future global climate

Scientists struggling to understand how Earth’s climate will change in the next few decades have neglected a potential treasure trove of information—sediments deposited in the ocean by major Arctic rivers such as the Colville and Mackenzie rivers—according to geoscientists at The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University.


What Do We Do About Water?

Water. The old buzz: "Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink." The new buzz: "Water is the next carbon." Meaning that as business and society are beginning to get into serious gear about carbon emissions and climate change (or at least beginning to make serious noise about doing so), there’s a growing realization that there may be a cascade of crises patiently waiting to mash themselves into our consciousness the moment we come up for air from the carbon crisis.