Is the Future Cancelled or Just Postponed?

At the Singularity 2008 conference, a small group of smart people had Verner Vinge surrounded and were pressing him to metaphorically roll them bones and read our civilization's horoscope.

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Science Fiction Gets Funding

Billionaires who care about escape velocity, radical life extension, or the Turing Test don’t come along very often, but when they do, their actions have the potential to dramatically change the world. Space travel, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence are three areas where some super-smart, superwealthy people are directing their money – and it’s starting to pay off.

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The Sheep Shit Grass (or The End of Scarcity)

DOCTOROW: It’s not hard to think about a kind of nanotech future where virtually all objects are available on demand. In that kind of world, both the traditional Marxist and the traditional Keynesian analyses don’t make a lot of sense. These are predicated first and foremost on the regulation of scarce and valuable objects.

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