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The Nomadic Diary of Onyx Ashanti: Episodes #3 and #4: Exploring the Digital Memory Banks and Exo-voice Development Updates

busking has supported me since I first moved away from home as an adult in the early 90’’s. I knew a total of 3 songs when I started. busking allows you to develop. it is the like a relationship with someone you might not see very often but when you do, its familiar and comfortable.


What Would “Cyborg” Mean If The Word Were Invented Today?

I brought most of my most important tools, namely my exo-voice and backup parts, my computers, and my 3d printer, and set them all up on the desk that was already there. throughout the week I was able to continue my project iteration unabated;20131001_002912 these tools WERE my lab. they were part of me as I exist now.


Cyborgs In Scientific Literature

Cyborgs were introduced into feminist discourse in Donna Haraway’s “Manifesto for Cyborgs”, published in the Socialist Review 1985. In this “Manifesto”, Haraway brought together the contextual arguments of the postmodern philosophers with a widespread, deepening disillusionment with the mainstream political feminism of the1960s and 70s. Haraway argued for the Cyborg’s usefulness as “a fiction mapping our social and bodily reality and as an imaginative resource suggesting some very fruitful couplings.” Every human is a natural-born cyborg and always in the process of transformation.

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