Category: Criticism

The Asilomar AI Principles Should Include Transparency About the Purpose and Means of Advanced AI Systems

author Bill Hibbard The recently published set of 23 Asilomar AI Principles are intended to guide the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Two principles, 7 and 8, call for transparency about the reasons for harm caused by AI and transparency...

Kevin LaGrandeur on Posthumanism and Transhumanism

Kevin has provided a typically engaging gloss on the difference between posthumanism and transhumanism over at the IEET site. I don’t fundamentally disagree with his account of transhumanism (though I think he needs to emphasize its fundamentally normative character) but the account of posthumanism he gives here has some shortcomings.

The Revolt Against Transhumanism

Having introduced transhumanists ideas to university students over the years, I am familiar with typical objections: if we don’t die the world will become overpopulated; not having a body would be yucky; this is all science fiction; lots of things can go wrong; technology is bad; death makes life meaningful; immortality would be boring; etc.


Jaron Lanier on Transhumanism

I first encountered Jaron Lanier’s work when I taught his essay “One-Half of A Manifesto” to computer science students at the University of Texas at Austin. In it he argues, against most of his fellow computer scientists, that humans are not digital or biological computers and they are unlikely to be replaced by computers anytime soon. Lanier rejects what he calls “cybernetic totalism.”

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