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FiXience Association Student Prize Contest — “Transhumanism and its social issues”

For Transvision 2014, first seminar dedicated to Transhumanism in France, Fixience, the AFT and ‘l’espace des sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes’ of the ESPCI ParisTech give you the opportunity to create a project with the theme of issues related to TRANSHUMANISM and to present it on the 22th of November 2014. This will be the first international symposium on transhumanism in France.


Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference 2014 — Santa Clara California August 21-23

SENS Research Foundation is proud to present the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference: Emerging Regenerative Medicine Solutions for the Diseases of Aging. This conference will bring together leaders from the Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, cancer, and other age-related disease communities to discuss preventative and combinatorial strategies to address the diseases of old age.



Humanity+ members will be speaking at an exciting San Francisco East Bay transhumanist conference on March 1, that fans of H+ should consider attending. Chairman Natasha Vita-More is a keynote speaker (along with her husband Max More) and recent Humanity+ Board member Linda M. Glenn is also in the illustrious lineup. Humanity+ is also co-sponsoring the event.


The Technological Singularity @ LOSCON 39 with David Brin, Phil Osborn, Vernor Vinge, Mitch Wagner

This is a super panel discussion from last year featuring David Brin, Phil Osborn, Vernor Vinge, and Mitch Wagner. The panel discusses the technological singularity with a live audience at LOSCON 39. The panel drop some pretty interesting ideas and...