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Mormon Transhumanist Conference coming up, April 4

The 2014 conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association will be held on 4 April 2014 from 9:00am to 6:00pm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Speakers and artists will present on the themes of Mormonism, Transhumanism and Transfigurism, with particular attention to topics at the intersection of technology, spirituality, science and religion.



Humanity+ members will be speaking at an exciting San Francisco East Bay transhumanist conference on March 1, that fans of H+ should consider attending. Chairman Natasha Vita-More is a keynote speaker (along with her husband Max More) and recent Humanity+ Board member Linda M. Glenn is also in the illustrious lineup. Humanity+ is also co-sponsoring the event.


The Technological Singularity @ LOSCON 39 with David Brin, Phil Osborn, Vernor Vinge, Mitch Wagner

This is a super panel discussion from last year featuring David Brin, Phil Osborn, Vernor Vinge, and Mitch Wagner. The panel discusses the technological singularity with a live audience at LOSCON 39. The panel drop some pretty interesting ideas and...


Humanity+ @ Beijing

On Saturday July 27, the Jintai Art Museum provided a beautiful venue for Humanity+@Beijing, the first conference in Beijing to focus on the implications of radical technological advance for the future of humanity. Over 60 attendees joined a roster of Chinese and Western speakers for a wide-ranging exploration of the future.

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