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Quantifiable Ethics in Retail — Can You Change the World through Effective Altruistic Shopping?

Can something as simple as an app that gives unbiased product information change the world? Filtering out products which follow one’s personal norms and values will reshape the concept of brand image, render it unimportant for highly similar goods, such as soap and just about everything under the kitchen sink.



The ideas presented in this article developed in response to help resolve some of the problems which will result from technological unemployment. We believe that as machines become more intelligent and work currently done by human beings become automated there will be a sharp increase in the unemployment rate as humans are laid off to be replaced by intelligent machines. We believe that intelligent machines can be leveraged to provide a basic dividend to a decentralized pseudo-anonymous group of owners as a means of providing an axillary safety-net which cannot be shut down by any government or corporation.


Time and the Transhuman Condition

My first action was to begin writing letters to my future self. I can’t ever quite convey the humility experienced opening a letter on your 18th birthday that you wrote 10 years prior. As adults we look back at our childhood and consider ourselves to be inferior. Yet our views, so pure and untouched by the later mishmash of growing up, hold an honesty and a directness.


Companies of the Future at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013

This year I had the privilege of attending TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco and was on the look out for what was disruptive, mind boggling and 10^9 companies, companies that can teach us lessons for building a business in the 21st century, and companies that are growing exponentially and advancing us in the right direction.