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Neutrino Science: The Post Nuclear Age, Extra-terrestrial Contact and The Perfect Wave (Part 1)

You might not have have heard that physicists want $1 billion US for a project to detect neutrinos that includes building an underground tunnel, 800 miles long, between Chicago and South Dakota. The recently released Depart of Energy plan includes funding for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) which includes an experiment to “send the world’s highest-intensity neutrino beam 800 miles through the Earth’s mantle”.


A Detailed Overview of Clement Vidal’s “The Beginning and the End” (Part 2)

A detailed review of a forthcoming book, The Beginning and the End: The Meaning of Life in a Cosmological Perspective by Dr. Clement Vidal, a young scholar and member of the Evolution, Complexity and Cognition Group at the Free University in Brussels, Belgium. Vidal investigates a most important question–whether modern scientific cosmology can satisfy our search for meaning in life. The book is a carefully and conscientiously crafted work of immense scope and daring imagination, one of the most important and timely books of the last few decades.


How to Terraform Mars

NASA and other science organizations have been discussing a process called terraforming for a very long time.