Category: Architecture


Prosumption Architecture: The Decentralisation of Architectural Agency as an Economic Imperative

The line between the consumers and producers of commercial objects is increasingly becoming blurred in the 21st century. As an economic imperative for consumer participation is quickly emerging, more than ever before businesses are turning to consumers to guide their creative decisions. Crucially this could begin to have a significant impact on the way that cities and their commercial architecture is designed and evaluated, through the promotion of consumers as direct, collective decision makers.

Referring to key economic theorists; the work of contemporary architectural practitioners; while additionally including first hand interaction with one of the world’s most successful prosumption communities, this essay attempts to construct an argument for the value of consumer involvement in the active design of 21st century commercial architecture.


Seasteading: Interview with Randolph Hencken

The Seasteading Institute is a non-profit organization set up to facilitate the development of permanent, autonomous cities in international waters. To help raise funds they’ve launched a campaign on Indiegogo. Below, I interview Randolph Hencken, Executive Director of the Seasteading Institute. If you’re tired of the slow pace of political progress, regretful you weren’t alive to help settle America, or want to explore the high seas without leaving your Xbox behind, read on. Seasteading may be for you!


Adaptnetic Structures

‘Adaptnetic Structures’ (Adaptive Magnetic Structures) is a prototype that seeks to imagine a future where nanotechnology and materials research has given rise to sophisticated programmable matter, capable of changing its physical properties based on some kind of internal programming. The emerging scientific field of ‘claytronics’ is an example of modern day research in this area.

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