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Post-Scarcity & Management of Resources: A Debate of Possibilities and Challenges

All conflict arises from scarcity but scarcity won’t last forever, therefore it’s wrong to base our actions on temporary conflict. We need to look wisely at the future and act accordingly. When everyone is aware of inevitable Post-Scarcity, we can all direct our efforts towards accelerating its arrival.


Biopunk and Biohacking Status Update & Interview with Lukas Dimoveo

Has biopunk gone big time or just jumped the shark? Biohacking and biopunk are hot topics these days with recent coverage popping up in mainstream tech news sources such as Fast Company, Forbes, The New York Times, and even the Wall Street Journal. Here’s a quick survey of a couple of cool projects happening right now in the biopunk and biohacking scenes, plus an interview with Lukas Dimoveo from Grindhouse.