Author: papadakis


X – teched creatures billions of years old

In earlier essays I conceived the idea of X-Techs, i.e. technologies at the “X scale”, where X could be femto, atto, zepto, etc. The next logical step is to speculate on what hyper intelligent synthetic creatures (artilects), which are x-tech based, might have done with themselves over billions of years, given that our sun, our star, is billions of years younger than most stars in the observable universe.


Best of H+: X-Tech and the Search for Infra Particle Intelligence

Who stop at femtotech? Physics also allows attotechnology and beyond to zeptotechnology. These “X-Tech” possibilities provide a potential solution to the Fermi Paradox (“where are all the nonhuman civilizations?”). We may need a paradigm shift from SETI to SIPI — the Search for Infra Particle Intelligence!


Cliff Joslyn on the Global Brain

The universal forces of evolution have acted on organisms to create e.g. metazoan multicelluarity and its attendant specialization of cells, tissues, and organs. Similarly, human social roles are differentiated, and there are many specialized human “organs”.


H+ers and the Artilect : Opinion Poll Results

in the second half of 2011, I started taking opinion polls concerning the rise of massively intelligent machines (“artilects”), by creating questionnaires. This essay reports on the results of the third such poll.